Meet our Staff



Mick is a father of three to Michael III, Ricky and Ashley, as well as a proud grandfather of four beautiful grandchildren.  He is the middle child and prince, stuck between two sisters — Tina is older and Misty is younger.  Mick was born and raised in Greenacres, Washington (suburb of Spokane) by his mother where she still resides.  His father lives in Fruitland, Washington (65 miles NE of Spokane).  His hobbies include fishing, hunting, watching races (of all kinds), playing pool, taking motorcycle/car rides in the beautiful Willamette valley, making memories with his numerous friends in the RV Park as well as the Albany area.


Jerilyn is a mother of two to angels Adrianna and Kristopher, and has yet (*knock on wood) to become a proud grandmother.  She is the youngest of 21 children (yep, no fooling!).  Jerilyn was born and lived in Spokane for ten years then moved with the family to Fruitland, Washington where her Mother still resides.  Jerilyn’s hobbies include all the same things as her husband –  except for watching races.  She would rather watch PEOPLE!  She enjoys being surrounded by crowds of people as this is what makes her feel ‘close to home’.

Together they have managed the park since the very first day the company took it over.  While they were anxious about the changes and new adventure, they pulled up their boot straps and plowed through like champs!  Mick and Jerilyn love the Albany area and the people they have met thus far, but what they enjoy the most is spending quality time with their fabulous Canine baby, Grace.  Hobbies together include fishing, crabbing, combing the beaches, wandering through the beautiful Willamette valley either on their motorcycle or in their car, and making memories with their newfound ‘extended family’ at the Blue Ox RV Park and their friends in the Albany area.

When they are allowed to retire in 30 years, they promise to purchase an RV from Lassen and park it here for a couple weeks before setting off into the sunset!

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